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  • Doureca starts operating processing adhesive films, printing, die cutting, kiss cutting, pad printing, hot stamping, lense coating.

  • Implementation of chroming line

  • First chroming line modification to increase production capacity

  • Second line modification to produce trivalent chrome.

  • Development of en graving chrome

  • Bright and smoked trivalent chroming approved by Car manufacturers

  • New chroming line and trivalent chroming Jet black color approved




Volume de Negócio

In 2013 the turnover of DOURECA was about 8M€. The automotive industry represents 90% of the business, 50% as a first tier supplier, 40% as a second or third tier supplier.


120 dedicated men and women work for DOURECA in production, quality, engineering, R&D and administration.



Chroming of Plastic parts

In 2013, Doureca has built a new chroming line facility for plastic parts:

Doureca can chrome large range of materials such as ABS , PA , ABS-PC, offering different aspects and colors to add to other decorative parts.



o Satin ( Several aspects validated by oem )



BRilliant / Satin (Several aspects validated by oem )


Fume / Satin (Several aspects validated by oem )

Jet black

Jet black / Satin (Several aspects validated by oem )

Derivados da cromagem:

Chrome part + paint

Chrome part + Engraving Chrome

Chrome part + Flash Velours


Film creation and processing

Since 1988, Doureca has been processing PVC/PU/ABS/PC/PP/PMMA/PET…films

In addition to our standard range, Dourdin group has developed hues or tints (transparent, metalized…) and specific grains.

We also produce adhesive coating and process these films to all specifications.


Metal stamping, printing

In order to open our range of decorative products, we have implemented stamping aluminum and stainless steel production lines.

The mix of stamping and printing lines offers the possibility to produce small and large decorative parts for outdoor and indoor use.

r d

Vacuum forming and 3d automated cutting

In order to respond to the growing demand of interior decorative solutions, Dourdin has for the last 10 years implemented a vacuumed forming process and a cutting process of 3D parts.

 From engineering through the selection of components, we produce 3D inserts to be supplied to our customer.

 We process ABS, PC PMMA and multi-layer films.



Doureca specializes in screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing and can process plastic or metallic foils.

Screen printing has been our core business for 50 years. Dourdin – Doureca now masters a large number of printing techniques both on plastic and metal: screen printing, laser printing, pad printing, hot stamping, printing in foils and 4 colour-line, digital printing etc…


  • Jaguar-XJR 2014 1600x1200 wallpaper 1b
  • 10015015 header1600x800
  • Volvo 09F
  • Renault-Clio-4-X98-4
  • Peugeot-2008
  • Citroen-DS3R-Loeb-2
  • Peugeot-508RXH-1
  • Renault-Clio-4-X98-7
  • renault-captur
  • S0-Renault-Megane-Coupe-Cabriolet-Floride-248278
  • 15-de-france
  • Citroen-DS3-cab
  • Citroen-DS3-Graphic-Art
  • citroen-DS3-R-2013
  • Citroen-DS3R-Loeb-3
  • Citroen-GT-By-Citroen-6
  • Citroen-Nouvelle-C3-9 header1600x800
  • Citroen-Nouvelle-C3-54 header1600x800
  • Citroen-n9-Concept-3
  • Peugeot-2008-2
  • Peugeot-208 2013 1600x1200 wallpaper 76
  • Peugeot-107 2013 1600x1200 wallpaper 1d
  • Jaguar-XJR-3
  • DSC07867
  • DSC01925
  • Citroen-Survolt-3
  • Peugeot-RCZ R 2014 1600x1200 wallpaper 02
  • Peugeot-2008-7
  • Peugeot-2008-4
  • renault-Clio-R-S-Red-Bull-4
  • Renault-Clio-4-X98-6
  • Renault-capture-2
  • Renault-Twingo-2012-collection-3
  • Renault-Twingo-2-1
  • Renault-Megane-Trophy-2
  • renault-megane-floride-4
  • Renault-Gordini-badge
  • Fiat-500X 2015 1600x1200 wallpaper 90
  • Jeep-Renegade 2015 1600x1200 wallpaper b6
  • Maserati-Ghibli 2014 1600x1200 wallpaper 96
  • exterior_novo_1
  • exterior_novo_2
  • DSC07774
  • DSC05098
  • 014
  • Renault-Megane---Floride
  • Renault-live
  • renault-Clio-R-S-Red-Bull-5
  • Peugeot-RCZ R 2014 1600x1200 wallpaper 0b
  • P1011056
  • DSC09001
  • DSC07777
  • Fiat-500X 2015 1600x1200 wallpaper 74
  • interior_novo_1
  • interior_novo_2
  • interior_novo_3



Design Studio

The design service is integrated and specialized in aspect parts and look at three objectives.

We participate in the development of future pieces in phase advance and forward project, in the strictest confidence.

We follow the trends and offer creative, innovative and realistic solutions for your new projects.

We design and develop products in close collaboration with our technical department. Finishes, aspects of surfaces, colors, finishing services of all kinds are studied according to your requirements.



The 2 major missions of the laboratory are to validate new products according to engineering specifications and to ensure that in the production stage those specifications are continually respected.

The laboratory offers a large range of expertise regarding its extensive equipment and experience in automotive and rail industries.

The Doureca´s lab has analytical equipment and control, allowing the control of production and new product approval, taking into account the requirements of our clients.

the Thermal Cycles


the Humidity

Calcium Chloride

Thickness and Step's

the Acetic Acid

the Adhesion Tractrometer

Wear the Crokeméter

the Colour Measurement

the Brightness measurement

the Adhesion test

Micro porous measurement

Tec department

Technical department

Engineering goals:

- To help our customers maintain a technological advance through new products or innovative modification over existing products

- To accompany our clients during the whole life cycle of a product or technology from its conception to production

Our expertise covers most industrial sectors from technical options to the manufacturing process.

Our capabilities:

 Dourdin Group / Doureca use CAO systems with software CAtia v5


         Project management

         Product definition: Raw material, rules and requirements sheets fulfillment.

         Study of specific tools

         Client´s design, normalization


         Value analysis.

         Feasibility, methods

$1·         Updating and monitoring of new technologies.

r d

Research & Development

The R&D department develops new products and processes to offer new decorative solutions

but also alternative solutions for existing parts.

Product development on metallic and plastic component such as trivalent chroming to offer new aspectsand more friendly processes

Process development, testing and optimizing new technologies with customers and suppliers

to offer a process that would pass all engineering requirements

10 095 037

QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT                                

Quality has always been a key element in the development of the Dourdin group. The global methods implemented in our manufacturing plants reflect the quality of our service and products.

Manufacturing plants of the Dourdin group are certified:

- ISO-TS 16949 (version 2009): First validation date at Doureca 2002

- ISO 9001 (version 2008) :  First validation date at Doureca 1998 ( iso 9002 )

- ISO 14001 (2009) : Processing of validation at Doureca

Customer satisfaction, innovation and environmental issues are our 3 major objectives


Production - Logistics

Doureca has an ERP management system, which enables the complete and automatic processing:

• Customer´s orders, management expeditions via edi as leading manufacturers requirements and standards Galia /odette /Ford vda

• Purchasing  management

• Stock control  with bar codes labels, traceability from raw materials to finished products

• Tracking orders in manufacturing, quality control





Formulário - Informação ao Público – SEVESO , prevenção acidentes graves   


Environmental and Prevention of Major Accidents Policy   






25 rue Emile Vandamme
59350 Saint André lez Lille (France)
Tel. 0033 3 20 63 07 70
Fax. 0033 3 20 63 07 72
email : contact@dourdin.fr

Doureca Produtos Plásticos, Lda.

1ª Unidade
São Bento - Cossourado
4940-136 Cossourado
Paredes de Coura
41º55’56.83” N
8º37’41.31” O

2ª Unidade
Zona Industrial de Formariz
Lotes 38 a 50
4940-290 Formariz
Paredes de Coura
41º55’07.75” N
8º35’47.41” O

Tel.: +351 251 780060
Fax: +351 251 780069
Email: geral@doureca.pt


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